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Our league nights give us an opportunity to improve our singles game by pitting us against other's in our skill division head to head in at least three games per night. Registration is not required! Just show up and play and you're in!

Each night we get a round robin warm up game into a double elimination bracket. Based on where you finish, you earn points that apply to your series standings. At the end of eight weeks, we have a full seeding of eligible players that we use to seed a double elimination bracket...the winner of which is crowned the series champion!

We run four series events throughout the year. Pyramid Series, Tahoe Series, Cave Series and finally the Steele Series. The champion in the Advanced Division has their name etched on the club trophy that will be proudly displayed within Bundox Bocce for all to see.

Finally we will host a club championship where any player that has participated in a finale is eligible to be crowned our Club Champion at the end of the year before the first series of the next year. We have not yet hosted this event.

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